Every year it is the same question that comes back again; “What do you want for your birthday?” . All my friends and family keep asking me that a few days before my birthday. Sometimes, I can answer a few gifts I want. But most of the times, I do not know enough gifts to give as answer. Result; I get a few gifts I wanted, and the rest of them are not things I asked for. That is why I created this site. From now on if somebody asks me what I want for my birthday, I just have to give them the link to this site. They can choose a gift from the list below, and I get stuff I wish for my birthday. 😉 The only thing that they have to do is message eachother what they are going to buy for me. So it is less work for me to get the things I want.

If you are here for some happy birthday wishes, go and check out happy birthday wishes. At that site you will find the best and most unique birthday wishes.

For the people that got my link…

these are my happy birthday wishes…

  • New smartphone
  • 18 inch rims for my car
  • I still need 2.000 dollars… (can be send by more then one person)
  • New computer to keep this site updated
  • Leather belt (size L)
  • Join a NASCAR race
  • Golden ring from a cool car brand (mom knows what I want)
  • Gift card for new sneakers
  • Subwoofer for my car => I already bought one myself…
  • New oven


If you think that you know something better then the things I listed above; You are wrong… Accept that list of happy birthday wishes, I already got everything I need to make my life wonderful. 😉

Thank you for the visit! And I hope to see you back next year, or if you want to buy me something without a reason…