100th birthday I hope that we all will become 100th years old some day…

Untill now, I don’t know anybody who has already became 100th years old. But I hope that there will be a day that I can join a birthday party of someone who has achieved that age. With a little bit of luck, maybe my grandmother will become that old… I really hope that she becomes that old! And that she will stay healthy…



100th happy birthday wishes

I dreamed about this special day,

but now it has become reality.

We will celebrate your 100th birthday,

and treath you like a celebrity!


Today we will light 100 candles for you,

and treat you in the nicest way…

Today we still have a lot to do,

and we will celebrate your 100th birthday!



General info

Becoming 100 years old is such an achievement! Just imagine…

100 years is;

  • 10 decades
  • 36742 days (approximately)
  • 881808 hours (approximately)
  • etc.

I hope that you have enjoyed my post about the 100th birthday.


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