On this page I will tell you a little bit more about the history, present, and the future (as I think it will be) of happy birthday wishes.

History of happy birthday wishes

Let us look back into the recent past, let’s say around the beginning of the twentieth century. You will see that the people were celebrating their birthday like we did a few years ago… The family came together to “celebrate” your birthday, and a few friends were also there. You would get a few little gifts, and of course you would get your birthday cake. Almost all the birthday cakes were the same… Filled with a biscuit and decorated with a lot of whipped cream. And of course as much candles as your age. For example; If you were becoming 21 years old that day, you would get 21 candles on your birthday cake. Over the years, you will start to see your age in just one or two candles. For example; If you were 15 years old, their would be 2 candles on your birthday cake; one with the number 1 and one with the number 5. And of course you needed to blow out your candles to make your happy birthday wishes come true…

Present of happy birthday wishes

Over the years, the birthday parties started to grow… These days the parties are much bigger then they were a century ago. You will invite more friends, give your party at a local bar or a nice restaurant, you will invite some entertainment guys or girls (a clown, a comedian, dancing girls, …) , you will invite a DJ, etc. Also the birthday cakes have become bigger and more relative to the media. For example; a mother will buy a birthday cake  with a cool picture of some movie on it for her son. And I think that the happy birthday wishes are also much more expensive now… You also get some cool birthday cards from your friends and family, a century ago they were not available yet. And now that the internet and the social media are starting to get big, you will get much more happy birthday wishes online then ten years ago…

Future of happy birthday wishes

I think that the parties can’t grow much more then they are now.  Maybe the birthday cakes will get bigger and more 3D… Your happy birthday wishes will come more and more from the internet. So I don’t think that you will still get a lot of birthday cards anymore. And I think that is very sad, the online stuff is not so personal as somebody that gives you a birthday card in person…  Maybe I am a little bit old fashion… :-p

I hope you enjoyed reading my text about happy birthday wishes.

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